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Back Alley Furniture started as family-run and owned small business specializing in furniture upholstery and selling vintage furniture finds. Founded by Derrick Chen and his wife, Chandra, back in 2011, the business has now grown into a flourishing business focused on providing excellent custom upholstery services and unmatched customer service.

Monica Narula took over the business in early 2017.  Armed with a business background and years of experience working with Corporate clients and supply chain logistics  has honed the focus even more on providing customers with what they envision. We service your everyday homeowner, newlyweds, etc to interior decorators, professional photographers, wedding venues, etc. We like to-reinvent, transform, and breathe new life to once-forgotten pieces. Although we do offer upholstery services to anything fabric upholstered, our greatest appreciation is when we work on truly, unique, vintage furniture. We have a great group of upholsterers and seamstresses on our team, and would love to help you, your loved ones, friends, co-workers to make pieces your own, with your choice of fabric (our customers are free to source fabric from where they choose, including special order from our selections). Each customer has a unique taste in aesthetic, and we love to help them achieve that by way furniture reupholstery or custom furniture !

Since every project is so custom and unique we believe in spending time upfront listening and consulting with every customer to make sure we convert their vision to reality.

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